What stresses me out is not about that drew isn’t credited enough (we’ll get there later) is that people don’t even acknowledge him! Drew is love. Like if you brought Drew home to meet your parents, they would tell you you’re a shit head if you dumped him. He is so peaceful and I don’t understand why people wouldn’t want to have that rub off onto them?! He basically brought team inspire together and it’s a motto everyone should live by. Just one good deed a day is #TeamInspire. We need more of it because lately myself and tons of people have been used/hated on and it’s not freaking cool man. It’s so lame.

Drew isn’t credited enough we all know that. he needs to feel wanted in our fandom and the fact he has fans makes him happy so I want to make him feel special somehow. I have No idea but it’s whatever

Another thing. Drew not having 300k breaks my heart. Yea it’s disappointing, but Wesley is almost 100k a head and Keaton is in the middle. Shouldn’t they all have 500k like the official twitter? I don’t understand this please update. But please. Stop trying to shove down people’s throats that they need to follow him. Everyone that cares follows him and I’m pretty sure this whole fandom does! So the extra people who follow Keaton and Wes probably only like them for their looks. Think about it.

I just want to give drew love. He deseves all the attention. Monday March 11th should be #ILoveDrew day. We already show him how much we care but To really bring it would touch his heart. Congrats if you read to here btw

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